Monarch Labels

Color Variety

These Monarch pricing labels come in various types of eye catching colors. Choose from bright green, yellow, orange, pink, blue or white. Load them into your Monarch price gun in a fast, simple fashion then label away!

There are many different types of labels to choose from when purchasing on our website.  Monarch does a good job of matching the model of the label gun to the label.  A couple of examples would be that a Monarch 1110 uses Monarch 1110 labels, and a Monarch 1136 uses Monarch 1136 labels.  Therefore, if you already own a labeler, all you have to do is match up the model number with your Monarch labels.  Some manufacturers don’t make it so easy.

Genuine Quality

It is very important to us to explain to customers about the differences between genuine stock Monarch labels and third party labels.  We have often observed operation issues with knock-off labels, which other companies are selling.  We always sell Monarch labels produced on Monarch presses.  They have the Avery Dennison logo inside the cardboard core.  With knock-off stickers, lower quality, backing paper and adhesive materials can be used.  The pre-cuts in the backing paper, which are used for the feed wheel to grab and pull the paper through the gun, can be off.

We enjoy sharing our industry knowledge and helping educate customers on exactly what they are buying.  If you have further question before making a purchase, please call us.  Should you already have a Monarch tool, and are noticing some printing or feeding problems, just having genuine Monarch labels could be the answer.  Customers have shipped (what they thought to be) a broken gun to us and we discover that the stickers they have loaded are actually the problem.  Hassle free operation to provide application solutions is what we strive to provide every day.  Using genuine Monarch labels helps accomplish that goal best, which is why we confidently stand behind our products.

Know Which To Choose

There are a few variables to consider when you are selecting the pricing labels you will use.  The most important is the size of the label.  All sizes are listed in the description section of each label product page.  Monarch labels range in size from 19mm x 10mm (Monarch 1110) to 31mm x 25mm (Monarch 1151).  Another factor to consider is whether or not you want security slits on the label.  Pricing labels typically come with pre-cut slits in order to prevent against label switching.  The price gun labels will tear apart once it’s attempted to be removed.  A final item to consider is the label adhesive.  All stock price labels use a general purpose adhesive that works very well in most applications.  A removable, freezer, and high temperature adhesive is available as well.  In order to purchase Monarch labels with a specialty adhesive, you will need to call to speak with us directly.


Any model of the Monarch labels can be ordered to have a customized message printed on the label. This is a great option for a retail store that would like to have their name on every price label. Many manufacturers opt to have a message printed on the label to explain a code or date they print. Virtually every application for Monarch labels could be improved by having a pre-print. There are a lot of options for color combination, fonts, sizes, and even logos. For retailers, it’s extremely important in today’s competitive industry to build brand recognition and loyalty. Something as small as seeing the store name and/or logo on small pricing labels a couple hours, days, or weeks after a purchase can truly help keep the name in front of the customer.

Three Types

One-line labels are favored by the retail sector, along with food preparation and laboratories.

Two-line labels are used to print lot and batch number, date and price, was/now price, etc.

Three-line labels include a piggyback type of label.

Most popular:

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