Towa Labels

Value Added Features

Manufactured with a pre-cut hole on the top and bottom half, the Towa labels have a unique design that helps to catch the customer's attention.  In fact, the true purpose for the cut holes are based upon the gun's drive system which allows the labels to be properly aligned and printed.  When loading the Towa labels, the user arranges the feed wheel's pins into the paper holes.  This ensures that the Towa labels will be printed straight and clean.

The Towa label gun you have, or are going to order based upon application need, will determine the sticker size.  The one-line labels are smaller than are the stickers designed for the two-line tools.  We stock a multitude of fluorescent colors.  Green and red are the most popular choices, behind plain white.  You'll notice that the one-line guns print in the middle of the one-line labels.  This makes for a value added feature possible that you can't get with other manufacturer's one-line stickers; the ability to have a custom printed message on both the top and below your printed price.  Other manufacturer's guns print the price on the bottom and only leave room on top for a custom imprint.  With Towa labels you can have your store name and phone number printed, or name and website.  This type of advertising can heap huge rewards for a variety of reasons.

The general purpose adhesive, that is stock on these stickers, tends to work very well for pricing items contained in cardboard, plastic bags, plastic wrap, and hard plastic.  The design of the gun makes it easy to see when it's time to load a new roll of the Towa labels.  This helps save you time so you don't walk way up to the front of the store to price items, just to find out you only had a few labels left and now have to walk all the way into the back storage room again.