Monarch 1110 Price Gun


Free Gun - with a full case order of labels (15 sleeves).

The Tool That Stands The Test of Time

Since 1972, the Monarch 1110 pricing gun has been the preferred tool for merchants who choose to price mark their items. Its vertical label dispensing, which allows clerks and other professionals to mark quickly every individual item from master cases, is a beloved feature of the price gun. This feature makes it easy for marking prices on stacked boxes. Just think of holding a handgun, turning it to the side, and then pulling the trigger. Placing horizontal price labels on merchandise with the Monarch 1110 price gun is as simple as that.

The 1110 was designed several decades ago.  The Avery Dennison 1110 is a popular and lightweight option that is good for almost all labeling applications. There are newer, better designed tools available from Monarch; however, customers are continuously satisfied with this versatile gun.  So long as you have become familiar with the label loading process by working with the gun in the past, or have labels in inventory for this tool, you should stick with this choice.


Custom 03 Band Setup

A Monarch 1110 pricing gun ordered from B&B Supply will be a better gun than our competitors offer.  That’s because we order our guns with a custom print set up that eliminates the shortcomings that the standard guns have.  Our custom 03 band setup prints six bold numbers on each label it dispenses. Bold printing is advantageous for merchants because boldly printed labels are easy for customers of all ages to read. Sellers who use the Monarch 1110 price gun never need to worry that elderly people or others with less than 20/20 vision will be unable to see the large, bold numbers that the Monarch gun prints.

Of course, every purchaser of the Monarch 1110 pricing gun has different needs. We sell all the print varieties of the pricing gun, and you can always call B&B Supply if you have questions about this gun or any other Monarch Paxar product.

Advantages of the Monarch 1110 Pricing Gun

  • Is the most popular and widely used Monarch price gun
  • Is durable and built well
  • Saves you time — you can label a case of 18 items in 5 seconds or less
  • Prints readable characters with almost no errors
  • Is lightweight and easily portable
  • Prints space-saving Monarch 1110 labels
  • Prints labels for items that you price at $100 or more
  • Prints raised and underlined cent symbols
  • Allows for multiple pricing — for example, you can print “2 for ___” and so on
  • Can be used for promotional pricing
  • Prints date and time
  • Prints department labels
  • Uses a label that measures .733" x .38" 

Band Layout Info

You can scroll below to see examples of the various print set ups that can be ordered.  Each one is unique and deciding what Monarch 1110 will work best for your application is something that should absolutely be considered prior to purchase.

  • B&B Custom 03 - Just discussed above, six bold print positions; by far the most popular choice.
  • 01 - Give underlines for the cent print characters
  • 02 - Six normal size positions; see Custom B&B for improved print size.
  • 03 - Five bold positions; $9.99.
  • 04 - First three are smaller, followed by four normal size positions.
  • 05 - First four are smaller, followed by four normal size bands.  The last four bands are slightly smaller than the print of the 04.
  • 06 - Prints a combination date and price.  Vertical month, dd, vertical year followed by price.

Full Repair Service

B&B Supply offers full repair on all Monarch 1110 guns. However, customers should not try and take apart a Monarch 1110 price gun and fix it themselves before they send it to us for repair. Many times, owners of these guns can take them apart, but they cannot reassemble them, and we cannot repair price guns that come to us in parts and pieces.

Nevertheless, we have a good solution that enables us to get workable price guns to you when your pricing guns have broken. Through our repair/exchange program, we will send you rebuilt Monarch 1110 as soon as we receive broken pricing guns from you. Stores that have many broken Monarch 1110 price guns love this program because it allows them to save money on the tools and on shipping when replacement is required. Every rebuilt Monarch 1110 label gun that we send out is guaranteed to work properly, or we will refund your money.

Quick History

The first sentence on this page explains the gun was produced in 1972.  For it was with the offering of this hand held tool, Monarch Marking began what would be upwards of a 75% market share.  Grocery stores in every corner of not just The United States, but other countries as well, used this exact model to do the bulk of pricing for their vast and ever-rotating inventory.  Retailers of all kinds enjoyed the benefits that came with a fast, easy to apply consistent price print.

As also mentioned, there are much newer designed options which we will often point new customers toward.  However, the 1110 continues to be sold due to the popularity for decades and what is now legacy applications.  Facilities that have used these tools for years and have labels in inventory, just find it to be in their best interest to just re-order or repair their Monarch 1110's.   


If you have any further questions on the Monarch 1110 price gun, we are here to help. Please call 1-800-346-7820 for further assistance.

How to Load the Monarch 1110 Price Gun:

Loading a Monarch 1110 gun is a process that may seem complex, but only takes a few steps complete and a few times to master.

Start by first tearing off the first 12 or so labels from the label roll. This will insure that the adhesive used to hold the first label to the roll will not get exposed to the inner workings of the gun. The adhesive could lead to a label jam in the future. Then snap the roll of stickers into the back of the gun between the hubs. You want the labels to come off the top of the roll.

Next pull and hold the hand trigger about half way. Pulling the hand trigger disengages the brake wheel and allows you to slide the label strip through the gun. Insert the label strip into the gun by basically following the plastic avenue you see. The Monarch 1110 labels should start to come out the front of the gun. Continue feeding until you have about eight inches hanging out of the front and release the hand trigger. Next, feed the label strip up under the black plastic plate in the front of the gun. The labels should start to come out the top of the gun by the application roller.

Once you have two labels coming out, squeeze the hand trigger half way again and rewind the roll of labels so the loop of labels is removed in the front of the gun and the labels are tightened up. Then grasp the two labels in the front of the gun and quickly pull the strip downward toward the hand trigger. This process will remove the labels from the backing paper. You will want to have about seven inches of just the backing paper now.

Holding the Monarch 1110 upside down and squeeze the hand trigger all the way exposing the feedwheel. Feed the backing paper into the slot with the arrow until you feel tension from the feedwheel. Start squeezing the hand trigger several times to tighten up the paper. If the wheel does not grab the backing paper right away, keep feeding it into it. Turn the gun right side up after the backing paper first grabs. After about six or seven clicks, printed labels should start coming out the front of the gun. Try to always make sure that only backing empty backing paper (with no labels) travels down the gun and gets grabbed by the feedwheel and goes out the back of the gun. Jamming could result if labels are pulled through the feedwheel.


This 1110 label gun has a one-year warranty fully backed by Avery Dennison Monarch and B&B Supply. Any mechanical defect or operational issue that occurs through what is considered normal usage will be fixed, or the unit will be replaced with a factory rebuilt tool. A Monarch 1110 with a manufacturer‰'s defect discovered right after delivery will be replaced with a brand new label gun upon inspection by B&B Supply. A label gun deemed abused will void the warranty coverage as well as the ability to repair. Please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 to discuss any warranty questions in further detail.

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