Alpha Numeric

Need to mark a lot code with letters and numbers?  How about a quick description identifying the color of the products in each case along with the pack date?  For any application that requires having letter, these are the tools for your job.

When looking to purchase tools that will print both letters and numbers, it’s important to understand how they work.  If you have worked with standard numeric only print in the past, you’ll be able to visualize the dialing-in process.  With the numeric only, when you set the dial knob to print a 5, another 5 is on the opposite end of the band inside the gun to print the label.  Because the alpha numeric tools have all the letters and numbers, there is not enough room on the band to repeat every character.  Therefore, you will need to follow a label chart that is right on the gun itself.  The viewing indicator is going to look weird as the letter and numbers of what you want to print will be correct on the opposite end of the band inside the gun to print the labels.  An example might be if you want to print the letter A, you might be looking at an upside down letter T.  It’s not rocket science, but it’s nice to understand more about how it works before you purchase it.

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