About Us

1. Modern Day Walkin, Knockin and Talkin

Our company was founded at a time when the only way to sell this type of merchandise was to walk in and introduce yourself to potential customers.  We never forgot that we were not initially invited into a person's place of business.  Smiling, courtesy, and professionalism were absolutely expected and necessary to sell and build a relationship based on trust.  

With the Internet and our website, we are able to introduce ourselves a bit before even speaking with you.  Just because we now sell online, don’t think for a second that we’ve forgotten where we come from (as so many companies seem to have done).  We approach every phone call with the same mannerisms as if we were standing face to face with you.  We still have the mindset that we’re in your place of business trying our best to offer you labeling guns and labels at fair prices.

2. 35 Years of Experience, A+BBB

We pride ourselves on always being here for our customers. Fast phone call answering and friendly service is the norm. Should an issue arise with any of our merchandise, we’ll be here to help to the best of our ability and not leave you high and dry. Unlike huge Internet superstores with little to no customer service, you deal directly with us and we’re the ones who stand behind our products we sell.  

As one of the largest and most established price gun and label master distributors in the country, we have the buying power to be competitive for every type of customer volume.  If you are a large multi-national corporation who uses label guns to item code inventory, a restaurant looking to date perishables, or a retail shop of any size that uses hand held labeling, we have the solutions to your needs and the service that you expect and deserve.

3. Genuine Labels

At B&B Supply we only sell stock labels produced by Monarch, Garvey, Meto and others. Some of our fellow internet competitors have disclaimer statements on their sites explaining that the labels they sell are imitation. We just feel that it’s time the buying public better understands what quality of labels they are ordering online.

Below is an image of backing paper. Backing paper is the white paper that the labels are rolled onto; it's then discarded once the label has been applied. This image shows the backing paper of cheap, imitation labels designed to work in a Monarch 1110 price gun, and genuine, OEM Monarch 1110 material. Both samples were run through the same labeler.


First off, you can notice the color difference. The OEM paper is much thicker, giving it the whiter appearance. You'll also notice how much more "beat up" the knock-off looks. If you follow the top paper from left to right, you’ll see the punch holes, made by the gun, grew further apart from the pre-cut marks in the backing paper. It actually caused the gun misprint the labels, and eventually the labeler jammed up and stopped working. This was directly caused by the thinner material. The same 1110 labeler hit the mark every time with the genuine labels, allowing the gun to work properly.

An easy, quick way to tell if the stock Monarch labels you order are OEM is to check the ink roller packaging. See if it reads Monarch Paxar, or Avery Dennison. All the stock Monarch labels we sell have that.

Our advice is to steer clear of labels being described as "designed to fit Monarch 1110" or "will work in Monarch 1131".

Some competitors are selling labels for various Garvey price guns in boxes. Garvey does not pack their labels in boxes; therefore, those labels are not directly from the manufacturer. Garvey labels come in silver shrink wrapped sleeves.

Our goal is to help customers avoid potential gun jams, wasted labels, wasted money, and wasted time that can be caused by imitation labels. Buy labels produced on the manufacturer’s presses, buy from B&B Supply. Quality labels at a great price.

4. Label Gun Service

We offer service for all label guns we sell. Each brand of gun differs in some regard, so please give us a call and we can discuss which model you use.

5. You’ll Get The Best Tool For Your Specific Application

We truly enjoy talking with our customers to help you get the best labeling tool for your application. We ask a few questions and in a matter of minutes can show you some recommended examples and can explain exactly how the gun will work. We have a lot of different options and an extensive knowledge of which tools offer each type of print characters you’re looking for.

6. We Reuse Boxes.


For decades, we’ve hated to throw out perfectly good boxes. Our thinking is that our customers don’t care what kind of box their product come in, just so long as they get the order fast, it’s correct, and isn’t damaged in the shipping process. We don’t use a box that isn’t structurally stable enough to make it through the delivery system. Our growth over the years has made it necessary for us to purchase boxes; however we still use the pre-used boxes when we can. We figure this has helped keep thousands of pounds of cardboard out of landfills over the years. It might not be much on the big scale, but we’re proud of our small part. An order of produce bags? Nope…price guns. Receiving a waffle maker from B&B? Nope…more price guns. Getting an order of awesome knives? Nope…it’s just more price guns.