Towa Price Guns

Samurai Tools

While not as sleek to look at as other price guns from a design standpoint, Towa price guns offer a unique durability.  They are built with high quality steel side plates.  In speaking with customers who use these tools, they proclaim that the steel side plates have protected the gun very well after it was dropped.  With the Towa price gun labels suspended outside the labeler, you can always count on easy, visible reloads.  The tools have a very simple and effective label drive system.  Pins on the sprocket wheel fit perfectly into pre cuts holes in the labels to advance the roll of stickers.  Having the labels and ink roller visible from the outside of the labeler can have its advantages, but its disadvantages are also important to be aware of.  Towa label guns are a great choice for retailers, however, if you are going to be using a hand held labeler in a more industrial setting with dust and dirt, those elements can damage the labels and ink.  Another design feature to be aware of is the tear teeth.  The backing paper exits the tool between the hand trigger.  A sharp, metal edge is put in place to easily tear the backing paper off.  The teeth are exposed and a slight finger scrape could happen should you try to grab the Towa price gun sideways while it laying down. 

This tool is very comfortable to work with.  The weight is not a burden.  However, loading the roll of replacement stickers is not the easiest in the industry.  The print quality and consistency is excellent.

Only an all numeric printing option is available for both the one line and two line Towa price guns.  The guns are engineered and manufactured in Japan, and have the names to go with them.  The one-line Towa Samurai GS will print up to 6 characters and two-line Towa Samurai GL delivers up to 14 positions.  So test the metal of this steel-strapped tool today.