Primark Labels

General Information

You will find that we have sizes available for all one-line and two-line models Primark guns.  Since we've been distributor of this brand for decades, we have a lot of different colors to choose from.  The most popular type of Primark labels are for the P-14.  The top choice is plain white, but green and red are right up there too.  Meto actually owns the Primark brand, so the box the stickers come in says both names on it.  So long as your box says Genuine Primark Labels, you can be sure they will work, and genuine stock labels are all we sell.  The tamper cuts on the stickers are cut along the outer edge.  This way, it is certain that the print head can strike a flat surface to print a clean price.  The small cuts are hardly visible, but do their job should someone try to switch a lower price on a more expensive item.

The Primark labels come with plastic roll cores.  This helps to keep roll sizes very consistent and insures that they fit onto the holder every time you load the gun.  Plastic, although only slightly, does help to keep the overall weight of the loaded price gun down.

If you are just starting your search, we recommend taking a look at the P-14.  As mentioned above, they are the most popular because the size is a good fit for most applications.  There are not very many types of Primark labels, due to the fact that only a few gun models are available.  If you already have a box of Primark labels, you can take a look at the side sticker on the box.  The product number should start with the model number of the gun and labels.  That will help insure you order the correct stickers to fit your hand held Primark.  We always answer the phone should you have further questions prior to ordering.