Garvey Labels


Thanks is large part to the quality of their guns, Garvey labels are extremely popular in the hand held labeling industry.  Customers love how easy it is to load these labels into their Garvey price gun. There are many different stock color options allowing stores to call attention to sale items by using a different color. The security slits are cut in X cuts, making for clean tears if devious customers try a trick called label switching. Garvey labels really offer customers the total package in an easy to use system.  Replacement ink rollers are included with each package, or sleeve.  Another nice feature is the pack count.  Some other manufacturers make the minimum order of labels much higher than the minimum amount of Garvey price gun labels you can order.  This is a great option for users that only have a few items to mark throughout the year.  This way, you don't have to pay for more supplies than what you really need.

Adhesive Options

Garvey manufactures three different adhesive options for their price tag stickers. Customers can choose from a general (F), removable (R), or freezer (D) grade adhesive.  There are three factors that determine what adhesive is necessary; surface temperature of the product at label application, temperature during product storage, and the conditions of the surface.  All of the most popular tools such as the Garvey 18-6, 22-8, and 22-88 price guns can use Garvey labels with any of the three adhesive options. The fourth label identification that Garvey labels use is (X) which simply stands for security cut.  This is the slit in the middle of the stickers that help to stop label switching. The label will tear apart if someone tries to remove it from the item.

Model Numbers

To match up the correct label size to your Garvey price gun all you need to do is know if your gun prints one line of characters, two lines, or three lines.  Then, you take the first number your model price gun starts with; an example would be 22-8, and find the label size that starts with the same number; a 22-8 gun uses a 2212 label.  The size is 22mm x 12mm.  There are more sizes of stickers available with this brand than any other in the industry, including the largest size offered.  If you have any questions regarding choosing the correct Garvey labels, please just give us a call.