Meto Labels

Wavy Design

The unique trademarked wavy edge design of these labels is what many store owners like most.  The argument can be made that Meto labels help catch a person's attention better than a straight edge label.  Many other manufacturers use a straight edged sticker design and rely just on a fluorescent paper color to draw attention.  You'll get a bit more of a visual impact with Meto labels in that you can choose the best color for your needs as well as the design factor.  We have a range of colors available for most sizes.  Fluorescent green, red, and orange, as well as white and yellow.

In order to determine what Meto labels you'll need to order for your gun, you'll have to look at the gun model number.  This is typically located to the right of the dial knob, which is what you use to change the numbers.  It's a run-on number, but the first number refers to the number of total characters your tool prints.  The second part refers to the label size.  Examples would be; 626 and 1522.  The 626 prints six characters and uses 2600 style labels.  The 1522 will do 15 total characters on a top and bottom line and uses 1522 stickers.  It's important to make sure you understand if your gun is a one line or two line gun.  You can then find the correct Meto labels by following the category path on our website.  Should you be unsure, or unable to locate your model number, just call us.  We can further explain measurements and should be able to nail it down, and get you the correct Meto labels that will work.

If you already have a box of Meto labels, there is a sticker on the side of the box that has different numbers.  There is a product number, however, this isn't always the best way to figure out the labels.  Telling us the quantity number can point us in the right direction much faster.  That is the first number on the top.