This Reviews page is a little bit different than most review sections on other websites.  Yes, we allow our customers to provide feedback about doing business with our company.  Thus far we have received a lot of positive comments about our approach to business and the knowledge we provide about our products.  We are honored that our customers take the time to educate potential new customers about what kind of company they are considering buying from.  These reviews can be viewed at the bottom of any product page or by clicking within the footer of any page.

This page is not designed to highlight the excellent reviews given within the review service.  This page allows everyone to read through some of the amazing letters we receive to our company.  We get some very humbling remarks over the phone with customers and we truly do like to have the opportunity to speak over the phone and build a relationship.  For obvious reasons, we can’t have any of the spoken reviews here.

From all of us at The Price Gun Store, we are very grateful not just to the individuals that took their time to write these awesome letters, but to you who are researching our company to possibly do business with us.  As stated throughout our website and on our About Us page, we enjoy doing business the old fashioned way; talking with customers to understand what is important to you for your application and to help build trust with us.  We try to make our website very informative and easy to find what you are looking for, but it seems that nothing will replace an honest conversation.

Below are some of the letters for you to read though; enjoy!


Joe gave us a call and we were able to help explain an excellent option for the type of pricing gun he needed with durable pricing labels.

Oct 6th 2015

Bill, of B&B Supply!

Hey, thank you for your excellent service you gave me, it was very helpful.  Many companies could learn a lot from you!  It was a pleasure doing business with you!

I will definitely pan your name on to others and will be in touch for any other needs!

Thanks again,

Joe Hayden

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Ellen Buzzard had never even worked with our company before and we were all quite happy that her repaired label gun arrived to her with time to spare.  She was a wonderful woman and all of us were amazed at her letter.  Brace yourselves; it has some length.

Here is Ellen's letter:

To:       B&B Supply Offices

Attn:    Repair + Exchange Program

PO Box 517

Morgan, PA 15064

            I have been using Monarch price guns for 30+ years.  Why?  Because they are durable, dependable and just a great product that I use almost daily.  When I went into business for myself as a treasure broker, antiques dealer, appraiser and liquidator of large collections and estates, I knew Monarch was the only brand for me.  I use your price gun in so many different ways and is my go to tool that I can’t live without.

            I have never used your repair + exchange program before.  In the past when my price gun would break I would use that as an excuse to buy a new upgraded model but this morning my “old faithful” Monarch 2 line #1136-01 finally died on me at the worst time possible.  I am under contract and a strict deadline to have a huge inventory of antiques appraised, coded and priced for a museum liquidation.  I stand to lose a percentage of my commission for each day I go past the deadline.  After being ill and off work for the past seven months, replacing a price gun is not in the budget and I have no desire to upgrade this time.  I called around my area and discovered I could not buy the same model locally even if I could afford it.  With little to no options left (except to hand write thousands of price tags over the next few weeks) I called your company and spoke to your representative Dave, about my problem and he gave me all the details about your repair + exchange program.

            I must say your exchange program is an honorable and wonderful solution to offer your customers.  I wish more companies would follow your lead.  This turned out to be an unexpected fix to a huge problem in my world.  I had completely forgot that you offered this service and really didn’t know the details about the program until today.  The turnaround time frame to receive a replacement does concern me due to a fast approaching deadline but I have no other choice.  I am putting my complete faith in your company.  You have wonderful customer service, you sell great products that you stand behind, you have been around for many years and you’re a rare find in business to talk to a real person when a custom calls.  I also like the fact that you ship items in recycled boxes.  So please, do your best to not let me down.  As long as I receive a replacement price gun no later than Aug 5th, 2015 I should be able to complete my duties and meet my deadline on time.  If you find any reason why you don’t think I will have a replacement gun by Aug 5th please contact me immediately.

            On a slightly different note – in addition to a broken Monarch 1136-01 gun I also have three Monarch 1 line 1110-01’s and one model 1110-03 old-old (yellow in color) price guns that myself & staff used years ago before we were required to inventory or code each antique item we appraised or priced.  Three of these guns have the same problem as my 1136-01 2 line has (the 5th band from the left is free spinning & will not print any number).  I will be sending the 1 line 1110-01 & 1110-03 in for repair + exchange at a later date.  I do have one Monarch 1 line 1110-01 that took me all evening to get back into alignment and stay in alignment but it needs a new ink roller.  I was hoping you could send me a new ink roller for a Monarch 1 line model #1110-01 and charge it to my account at the same time you charge the repair + exchange fee on my credit card.

            In closing I would like to take the time to personally thank you for offering a less expensive option to replacing a must have tool for my business, it is greatly appreciated.  Also thanking you in advance for providing an outstanding high level of service, hard work, dedication and hopefully a quick return on a rebuilt Monarch 1136-01 gun and a Monarch 1110-01 ink roller.  The above mentioned qualities are rare to find when dealing with any business in today’s world.  I am delighted to find a few businesses still understand what real customer service is all about.

Proud to be a B&B Supply customer


Ellen Buzzard 

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