XL Pro Labels

Sizes and Specifics

There are many different models of XL Pro label guns and they all use various sizes of labels. It's very important to know the exact model number of your gun before ordering supplies. This will help guarantee that the labels you receive will run properly through your gun and you can quickly mark the items you need to.

The labels are categorized by the number of lines of characters that can be printed on them. If your gun just prints a price, then it's a one-line. If you print two-line of characters, then the sticker is a bit larger to accommodate the additional top line. We have tried to make it easy on the site for you by matching up the labels to the guns, by putting the exact gun model number in the title of the labels. This way should you have an XL Pro 22DC gun, you just need to find the 22DC labels to order.

Colors and Options

Different colors for the XL Pro labels are available. Often times customers will use a color that contrasts or sticks out well against the majority of the products they are applying the stickers to. The added pop helps end customers to see the pricing or identification number just that much better. Just plain white is by far the most popular, but the fluorescent colors are great for that additional pop as mentioned before. If you feel that a more aggressive adhesive would be better suited for your application, give us a call to discuss the details of how you're applying the XL Pro labels.

Custom Labels

If having pre-printed labels that have the name of your store, a variable number identification (such as Lot Date), or a call to action (REALLY REALLY BIG SALE), would be of benefit to you, then custom labels is something to think about. The stickers would be manufactured with the colors choices you would prefer. It's a fantastic form of advertising for all retail businesses.