Primark Price Gun

Red and Lightweight

A Primark pricing gun is a very nice option for someone looking for a tool that's easy to use while price marking items.  The narrow design can even allow the tool to fit in a back pocket. Their red plastic side plates are eye catching.  The advantage is that people can easily spot the label gun on a crowed or dirty shelf.  Less time is then wasted looking for the Primark price gun versus other darker colored hand held labelers.

Primark pricing guns come in one-line and two-line models.  You can find the model number printed in white on the pressure plate.  Hold the labeler like you are going to sticker your forehead and you should notice the number.

The shape of the P-12 label is what keeps it popularity lower than the others.  Often times, customers find the P-12 label to be too narrow for the look they want.  The Primark P-14 has a much more acceptable label size, allowing the gun to print slightly larger numbers.  Customers are then able to identify the price easier.

The Popular Primark P-14

90% of all Primark brand labelers we sell is of the P14 gun.  It's an improvement over the old, discontinued L-14.  The L was a popular choice in grocery stores in the 70's.  It was black in color and had a cumbersome loading process.  The newer tool was a modernized design.  It's still a no-frills type of gun and runs the exact same labels as the L did.  It prints 6 numeric characters for pricing up to $99.99.  Once a customer has been using the Primark P-14, it can be difficult to switch to another option.  Most all other tools are a heavier weight and we find that customers end up missing their bright red Primark P-14 because it fits in their hand so comfortably.