Monarch Price Guns

General Information

The solid and reliable hand-held Monarch price guns are some of the most popular labeling tools for inventory pricing and coding in retail and other various industries. These tools have consistently proven to be reliable for users, and tops the best-selling list year after year. 

If you are new to the Monarch brand, you might be confused about the differences between Avery Dennison Monarch and Monarch Paxar. The brand has been owned by several parent companies throughout its history. Paxar purchased Monarch from Pitney Bowes. The brand was then purchased and currently owned by Avery Dennison. Monarch Paxar pricing guns are the same as the guns with the Avery name. All Monarch labels work with all corresponding guns. You just need to know the model number of the tool and you'll be all set.

The model number is located on the side plate.  It's often toward the front of the gun near where the labels are advanced out of the top.  Another place to locate not only the model, but the exact band layout option your Monarch pricing gun has is near where the label roll is held.  In the newer labelers, it's on the right side of the inside of the gun.  Open the top half just like you're loading it.  If there is already a roll of stickers in it, remove them.  You should then notice the white sticker with the number printed on the top line.  A couple examples would be 1131-01 or 1151-02.  In the older Monarch pricing guns, you can see the white sticker on the inside left. 

There is no better place to purchase a Monarch label gun than from B&B Supply/The Price Gun Store. For over 35 years, we have provided exceptional service to our customers, and have been such a reliable distributor of Monarch pricing guns, that we are able to have the Monarch 1110 custom made from the manufacturer exclusively for our valued customers.

Monarch 1110 Custom

The Monarch 1110-03 custom is a one-line pricing tool that boasts six lines of bold print.  It is better than the standard 03 band layout because it offers one more character of print.  It is also superior to the 02 in that the numbers will print larger and bolder. 

All of Monarch's labeling tools are manufactured with high quality plastics and durable parts.  They are built to withstand the hard wear and tear of industrial environments, but are still lightweight and easy to use for retail environments, as well.  Stores and businesses of all sizes and types use Monarch pricing guns, not only to price goods, but also to date code perishable items and mark product information.

The Monarch 1115 and 1110 are older designed tools.  All other labelers offered from Monarch are a newer design.  Almost all fall into the 1130 or 1150 series.  Each gun in those two families is a terrific and designed to operate the exact same way.  The differences are how they print on the label and the size of the labels themselves.  One of their most useful aspects is how easy it is to load the labels into.  With the two older guns, the process is a bit more complex.  With the newer labelers, you'll have your Monarch labels loaded into the gun easily, in seconds.  Load it once or twice and you'll be an expert.

Three Types of Monarch Price Gun Models

  • One-line labelers are useful in a variety of industries.  These often print between 6 and 8 numeric characters.
  • Two-line allow the user to mark a combination of variable information.  Often the top would be a code and the bottom a price.
  • Three-line gives the ability to print a lot of information on a single label. 

The Newer Designed Tools

Often times, the Monarch 1130 series family of guns are our go to recommendations for most applications.  These Monarch guns were really designed with the user in mind.  They have a great drive and label application system.  Therefore, loading the labels is very simple.  The older tools were much more frustrating.  Store owners can now show an employee how to load these guns, and be confident the employee will not have to bother them again for how to load it.  Another huge advantage is the number of labels that the Monarch guns can hold, which helps save time.  Using the two most popular guns in this series; the Monarch 1131 and 1136, I'll explain the higher number of labels vs. competitors' labels.  The Monarch 1131 holds 2,500 lpr (labels per roll), and some competitors only have 1,200 and 1,500 lpr.  The Monarch 1136, a two-line gun which uses larger labels, holds 1,750 lpr.  Close competitors only have 1,000 and 1,125 lpr.  The more lpr a gun has, the more time the user will save with not having to change the roll as often.

It is very important that end users know which model number tool they have and do double check the labeler itself before ordering labels.  On the boxes that the tools come in, it says 1130 Series everywhere and that is not necessarily the model you have.  Monarch does make it bit confusing in that they have what is called the 1130 series.  This encompasses five different tools which all use different sized labels.  One of the guns in the 1130 series is a Monarch 1130.  The Monarch 1131 does tend to be much more popular.  Although we manually check each and every online order we receive, a quick double check of your gun can help to insure that you get correct size labels you need for proper marking and advancement.

Repair Service

The Monarch brand truly offers the best repair service in the industry.  Customers can rest assured that during the one year warranty and even after the label guns can be quickly repaired to like new operation and visual appeal.  Most often times we here at B&B have your label gun in a factory rebuilt float that we carry.  This allows us to offer the quickest turnaround to get you a working tool in the shortest amount of time.  All repairs are done within the Monarch factory on the guns by their trained Repair Center.  They can control the quality of the parts and customers know that tool is guaranteed to work with the full backing of Avery Dennison/Monarch.  Monarch pricing guns really offer end users the full package from initial quality, continued durability and a worry free service plan that keeps a fully functioning Monarch price gun in your hand for years to come.

We are honored and humbled to occasionally receive notes thanking us for offering the repair service.  Sometimes new customers are not aware their tools can be serviced.  With the cost savings being significant (depending on the number of label guns and or the model), some people are truly elated.  We received approval to post this amazing letter we received from Ellen.  Ellen hand wrote the following as she was shipping her label gun into us.  She had not worked with our company before.  We are happy to say that she did receive her repaired Avery Dennison Monarch back within the time she needed it.  Here is Ellen's letter:

To:       B&B Supply Offices

Attn:    Repair + Exchange Program

PO Box 517

Morgan, PA 15064

            I have been using Monarch price guns for 30+ years.  Why?  Because they are durable, dependable and just a great product that I use almost daily.  When I went into business for myself as a treasure broker, antiques dealer, appraiser and liquidator of large collections and estates, I knew Monarch was the only brand for me.  I use your price gun in so many different ways and is my go to tool that I can’t live without.

            I have never used your repair + exchange program before.  In the past when my price gun would break I would use that as an excuse to buy a new upgraded model but this morning my “old faithful” Monarch 2 line #1136-01 finally died on me at the worst time possible.  I am under contract and a strict deadline to have a huge inventory of antiques appraised, coded and priced for a museum liquidation.  I stand to lose a percentage of my commission for each day I go past the deadline.  After being ill and off work for the past seven months, replacing a price gun is not in the budget and I have no desire to upgrade this time.  I called around my area and discovered I could not buy the same model locally even if I could afford it.  With little to no options left (except to hand write thousands of price tags over the next few weeks) I called your company and spoke to your representative Dave, about my problem and he gave me all the details about your repair + exchange program.

            I must say your exchange program is an honorable and wonderful solution to offer your customers.  I wish more companies would follow your lead.  This turned out to be an unexpected fix to a huge problem in my world.  I had completely forgot that you offered this service and really didn’t know the details about the program until today.  The turnaround time frame to receive a replacement does concern me due to a fast approaching deadline but I have no other choice.  I am putting my complete faith in your company.  You have wonderful customer service, you sell great products that you stand behind, you have been around for many years and you’re a rare find in business to talk to a real person when a custom calls.  I also like the fact that you ship items in recycled boxes.  So please, do your best to not let me down.  As long as I receive a replacement price gun no later than Aug 5th, 2015 I should be able to complete my duties and meet my deadline on time.  If you find any reason why you don’t think I will have a replacement gun by Aug 5th please contact me immediately.

            On a slightly different note – in addition to a broken Monarch 1136-01 gun I also have three Monarch 1 line 1110-01’s and one model 1110-03 old-old (yellow in color) price guns that myself & staff used years ago before we were required to inventory or code each antique item we appraised or priced.  Three of these guns have the same problem as my 1136-01 2 line has (the 5th band from the left is free spinning & will not print any number).  I will be sending the 1 line 1110-01 & 1110-03 in for repair + exchange at a later date.  I do have one Monarch 1 line 1110-01 that took me all evening to get back into alignment and stay in alignment but it needs a new ink roller.  I was hoping you could send me a new ink roller for a Monarch 1 line model #1110-01 and charge it to my account at the same time you charge the repair + exchange fee on my credit card.

            In closing I would like to take the time to personally thank you for offering a less expensive option to replacing a must have tool for my business, it is greatly appreciated.  Also thanking you in advance for providing an outstanding high level of service, hard work, dedication and hopefully a quick return on a rebuilt Monarch 1136-01 gun and a Monarch 1110-01 ink roller.  The above mentioned qualities are rare to find when dealing with any business in today’s world.  I am delighted to find a few businesses still understand what real customer service is all about.


Proud to be a B&B Supply customer


Ellen Buzzard 

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Quick History of the Monarch Brand

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The company was founded in the year 1891 by Fred Kohnle.  At that time (and for many years thereafter) the pricing machines were table-mount.  Large, heavy units that stamped prices on tags were used in stores.  The tags were sold on a roll and all had to be hand applied to products.  This offered store owners and employees a great time savings instead of hand writing.  It also provided font consistency for everyone; customers and employees.  Various tweaks and changes were made through out time, but the idea overall was the same for about sixty years.  During the sixties, a much more portable hand held unit was being developed.

In 1972 Monarch (who at this time was owned by Pitney Bowes) created the 1110 model.  This style of hand held label gun proved to be wildly popular.  Stores used dozens of the portable Monarch price gun units to mark prices directly onto products.  More labeler options and models were developed using the same similar styling over the next few years.  Throughout the 70's & early 80's Monarch cements itself as the King of the Hill.  They dominate the marketplace with upwards of 75% market share and sell more label guns than all competitors combined in North America.

In 1997, Monarch Marking is now owned by Paxar and the Crown Series style tools were introduced.  Modern day superstar guns like the 1131 and 1136 are made available and it becomes clear that the quality and reliability are much improved.  John Paxton is the company President and he helps lead Monarch through the modern era.  

The current parent company Avery Dennison acquired the brand in 2007 with a 100% purchase of Paxar.  Dean Scarbourough is the company President.  Product durability continues to be a top priority for the Monarch price guns.