Monarch 1136-03


It doesn’t get any easier to use a label gun in order to print alpha and numeric characters when you use the Monarch 1136-03. The top eight characters have the ability to print letters and numbers. The bottom line has seven numeric bands and an eight of various product identifiers.

When using an alphanumeric label gun, you first want to understand how the label gun differs from a standard numeric tool.

If you are dealing with just printing numbers, it is as easy as dialing in a number and having that number print on the label. The reason being is that there is so little information on the print band that it allows the numbers to repeat where the print head is. So it is as easy as if you dial in the number two in the viewfinder, it will print a two on the label.

When dealing with letters and numbers, there is far more information needed on the print band so that information cannot repeat where the print head is.

Therefore there will be a little guide chart on the gun for you to follow. You will have to dial in a backwards T to print the letter A. You will need to dial in a backwards U to print the letter B and so on.

By no means is it brain surgery, but it is worth understanding how all alphanumeric guns work.