Monarch 1136 Price Gun


Most Popular Two Line Gun

With eight characters of print on each line, the Monarch 1136 is the best loved two line hand-held label tool in the entire industry.  Durability, overall design and fast repair service are the three keys that help make this gun the top seller year after year.  The Monarch 1136 is able to offer customers larger label rolls, meaning that there are more individual stickers on each rolls than is offered by other brands.  Thanks to its design, the unit does not feel overly heavy in the hand and helps save users time from needing to change the roll as often.   This model provides complete visibility and accessibility because the gun mechanism itself can be opened by the user.  By utilizing what is called the "open view" design, new rolls of labels are easily and quickly inserted.

The Avery Dennison 1136 is the most popular two-line option that is good for almost all labeling applications, including pricing, dating, coding, etc..

Drops and bangs happen during the life cycle of these hand held units.  These are plastic tools, but they are very durable.  The design engineers created the print head to be restricted to just the designated path.  This helps keep a very reliable print even after some knocks.  Another design feature we believe should be included in the durability factor is the almost fully enclosed label roll cavity.  Protecting the paper stickers from the elements helps to ensure not only the quality of your investment in the labels but also long lasting, smooth operation of the Monarch 1136 gun as well. 

The easy loading of labels and availability of rapid repair service distinguishes Monarch's 1136 from the competition. Compatible labels are horizontally dispensed.  Monarch 1136 price guns can be ordered to print just numeric, or alpha and numeric characters, displayed in as many as 16 different positions.  The array of print options offered are sure to suit the needs of your business, whether you need a label gun for item description, pricing, time coding, or identification.  Take a look below to see all the stock print options that can be ordered.  In addition, we at B&B Supply have some unique custom options not shown that we keep on our shelves available for immediate delivery.  Most often, we find that our special layouts help customers with dating or coding applications; give a call to talk in further detail.

Different Print Options

As you research this product, you will notice the same gun can be ordered in several different print options.  Different applications call for different characters and/or printing styles.  Here is brief description of each Monarch 1136 band layout.  Label examples can be viewed by scrolling further down the page.

  • 01 - This is the most popular option, allowing eight over seven numeric print positions.  The eight position on the bottom line is an identification band that can be very useful for retailers.
  • 02 - The top line can mark a date, or just use the numeric positions and blank the vertical month band.  The bottom line is designed to print a combination date and price.  Something that makes this gun unique is the identification band on the top line in the last print position; it is rare in the industry.
  • 03 - Offering alpha/numeric functionally on the top line; any letter or any number in each position.  The user properly sets the bands using a guide chart (also, viewed below as the top line bands as shown).  Feel free to call for further clarification to use the conversion.  The bottom line is the standard numeric.
  • 04 - Designed to print a date and time combo.  This gun is recommended when a time stamp is only needed to be changed a few times per day or less.  Time identification does not need to be used exclusively with this gun.  A full date print is possible and desirable at times due to the uniqueness that the date will display.
  • 06 - A very standard Avery 1136; the cent characters on the bottom line just have underline dashes, saving the position of a decimal point.
  • 09 - Extremely similar to the previous option, the cent positions are just smaller and raised.


  • Ability to mark 2 different lines to highlight list vs. sale prices, shelf dates and SKU codes
  • Freedom to print previous prices vs. new prices, depending on specifications chosen
  • Simple loading of labels due to easy opening of the tool itself
  • Easy changing of ink rollers
  • Potential to print upwards of 16 positions
  • Accommodation of labels measuring .78" x .647"

Complete Repair Services

We are proud to offer repair services for every Monarch 1136 price gun sold.  Any new labeler has a one-year warranty associated with it (see Warranty Information).  At B&B Supply we offer repairs on all (warranty, or out of warranty) Monarch 1136 price guns.  It is our recommendation that users do not attempt to make repairs on their own, because they may find it difficult to reassemble their pricing gun once it has been taken apart.  We are unable to repair guns that are sent to us in a disassembled state.

B&B Supply has created a repair and exchange service whereby we provide customers with refurbished tools as soon as their broken item is received at our facility.  We will send out rebuilt guns the next day we receive your broken tools.  This can be a terrific solution for customers who have a malfunctioning Monarch 1136 pricing gun which offers tremendous convenience and affordability.  Just pack and ship your Monarch guns directly to the B&B Supply offices and toss in a business card.  Once they arrive at our facility, the guns will be inspected to verify the presence of all key components, and we will contact you for payment and immediately ship your replacement.

By taking advantage of our program, you can save yourself a great deal of money while also receiving fully functioning replacement equipment right away. Your mind will be at ease knowing that every 1136 you receive will embody the quality and reliability that have made this model the most highly regarded hand-held two line labeling tool available today.

We test all our repaired guns to make sure they work properly.  Every Monarch 1136 label gun we provide comes with a full money back guarantee in the event it does not function as promised.  Just give us a call at 800-346-7820 to speak with us should you have further questions regarding the instructions for sending in guns and the pricing for rebuilt labelers.

Quick History

During the period of the 1970's - 80's, Monarch Marking dominated the hand held market.  Design started with the single line tools, and quickly moved to offering a two-line option as well.  A Monarch 1136 can be considered the second generation of two-line labelers.  As the design team gathered feedback from users with more than 20+ years of experience, they knew ease of use and reliability needed addressed.  The gun you see today is a result of intense drive to produce a tool that would work in the harshest of environments.  If it can work there, it can work anywhere.  Label loading, roll holder cavity, parts build quality, and other daily use features were all drastically improved.  


Our experienced and friendly customer service representatives can answer any questions or address any concerns. B&B Supply’s customer service division can be reached at 1-800-346-7820.

How to Load the Monarch 1136 Price Gun:

A Monarch 1136 price gun only needs a few steps in order to properly load the Monarch labels. All of the tools in the whole series use these same basic steps to load the price labels and start printing.  As discussed, a Monarch 1136 price gun is sold with different options that allow users to print a large variety of information including pricing, date and time coding, and product identification numbers and letters.  Please do understand that all of these operate exactly the same; therefore, these loading instructions apply to all layouts.

Start by pulling back the two black latches near the top of the gun and open the cover until its locked open when you hear the click. Rip off the first ten inches of labels (about 15 to 20 labels). This will remove the glue from running through the gun and causing any jams.

Place the roll of stickers in between the roll holder tabs which are gray in color. You want the labels to unwind off the top of the roll (so you can see the labels). Pull the strip and drape them over the thin, metal peel bar on the front of the Monarch 1136. With about six inches of stickers centered and hanging over the metal bar, close the cover until you hear the click shut.

Next, you will have to peel off all the labels from the backing paper as to avoid the labels running through the feedwheel in the bottom of the gun. Once you have only backing paper hanging out of the gun, hold it as if you were going to price mark your forehead. Then feed the backing paper into the slot above the handle. The slot has two arrows pointing inward. Once you feel some resistance, start pulling the hand trigger and the feedwheel should start to catch and pull the paper in. Continue pulling the trigger about eight times until you have printed labels coming out the top of the Monarch 1136 gun.





This 1136 label gun has a one-year warranty fully backed by Avery Dennison Monarch and B&B Supply. Any mechanical defect or operational issue that occurs through what is considered normal usage will be fixed, or the unit will be replaced with a factory rebuilt tool. A Monarch 1136 with a manufacturer‰'s defect discovered right after delivery will be replaced with a brand new label gun upon inspection by B&B Supply. A label gun deemed abused will void the warranty coverage as well as the ability to repair. Please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 to discuss any warranty questions in further detail.

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