Label Gun Repairs

Label Gun Repairs

B&B Supply, The Price Gun Store, offers repairs on broken price guns. The rebuilt label guns offer a great value. It is inexpensive when compared to having to buy a new gun. Turnaround time in most cases is same day or the following day we receive the broken labeler. All our rebuilt tools are guaranteed for 90 days through normal usage and ware. Most all our customers are very happy with the performance and long lasting quality of the repaired guns. All brands can be repaired, but a Monarch repair is generally the quickest turnaround time. The price for each label gun model is different, so give us a call to discuss your gun(s). We will also provide instructions on how to send in your broken labelers. Our toll free number is 1-800-346-7820. We look forward to speaking with you regarding your Monarch price gun repair, or any other brand and model you are using.

Our mailing address if using the US Mail:                 Our shipping address if using FedEx/UPS:

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