Use By Label Gun

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Please do keep in mind; this is just one of a wide variety of options for a use by label gun.  We encourage customers to call us to discuss your specific application over the phone to always ensure you get the ideal set up for your unique situation and necessary information.  This style gun is the Monarch 1131-07.  The tool is very easy to operate and durable.

Free Gun - with a full case order of labels (8 sleeves).

This particular label gun option will only give the ability to just print the date.  There are other options that allow for even more additional information to be printed and displayed on the sticker.  It can sometime be beneficial to the overall operation for a code to be included as well.

To operate, the user simply dials in a date print using dial knobs to set each print character.  Pre-printed USE BY labels are available and the date will be marked below the imprint phrase.  As the user clicks the hand trigger, the date is printed and when the trigger is released, the sticker dispenses.  The sticker is then applied directly to the product using the label gun to roll it on.  A good estimation would be the ability to apply about two labels every second, so long as everything is organized.  Companies in a wide variety of industries; food production and agriculture, medical, any sort of manufacturing, and many others have found a great operational benefit with the label guns.  Small to medium size organizations can find these tools to offer the primary solution to their needs.  Large companies might not use hand held labeling as their primary means of displaying information on the high volume products, but using this use by date stamp option can be a tremendous back-up, or the predominate solution on lower volume products.  Some of the features that make this option very appealing vs. something like a continuous ink jet printer are;

Fast Implementation

-They can ship right away and you can be using them as quickly as tomorrow morning.

Overall Cost

-Obviously this is a fairly simple solution and therefore can offer a very attractive price vs other methods.


-Using an ink jet printer requires an organized, planted infrastructure (conveyer systems...etc).  The label guns can be taken to any part of the operation (ex. various tables, out in a field, different areas of the warehouse, or completely different buildings or locations).  The tools are lightweight and ergonomically designed. 

Speed and Reliability

-When comparing to something like hand applied and/or hand-written labels, this sell by label option will be faster and have a cleaner, more reliable print on each label.