Towa Samurai GS Price Gun

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Efficient Design

Imported from Japan, this tool offers the user up to six numeric character bands.  The Towa Samurai GS has a unique label feeding system.  The label strip will be pulled through and out the gun by spokes on a sprocket wheel.  The hand trigger has a good feel as the user is operating it.  Also, you can feel the print head come down and strike the label.  This print feedback can help you know how much force you need to use to get the perfect mark for you.  When the ink roller needs changed out, a simple pull out of the holder is all that necessary.   

This Towa Samurai GS includes:

  • All numeric print
  • A high quality steel frame
  • Prints up to 6 positions
  • Uses 21mm x 12mm label

How to Load a Towa Samurai GS Price Gun

To load the Towa Samurai GS price gun, let’s first prepare our labels by taking the roll and discarding the labels to where the glue was used to hold it. This is so you don’t risk jamming up the machine with the labels that have the adhensive on it. You’ll discard about 10 to 12 Towa labels.

Next, open the pressure plate by lifting up on the plastic piece. Then, slide the label roll holder open, and place the roll on the hub. Make sure the labels are coming off the top of the roll. Feed the label strip over the sprocket pin and through the gun until you have about five inches of labels hanging.

Next, insert the strip up through the opening in the print plate. Bend the labels over the top and position the pre-cut holes on the pin of the sprocket wheel. You’ll want to line up the first two labels on the pin. If you have any slack on the label strip, this needs to be backed out until the label strip is tight. Keeping a finger on the labels to help hold the position, close the pressure plate. Begin to click the handle, and printed labels should dispense from the top of the Towa label gun.

Finally, tear off and discard the backing paper.


This Towa 1 label gun has a one-year warranty fully backed by Avery Dennison and B&B Supply. Any mechanical defect or operational issue that occurs through what is considered normal usage will be fixed, or the unit will be replaced with a factory rebuilt tool. A Towa price gun with a manufacturer’s defect discovered right after delivery will be replaced with a brand new label gun upon inspection by B&B Supply. A label gun deemed abused will void the warranty coverage as well as the ability to repair. Please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 to discuss any warranty questions in further detail.

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