The Advantages of Price Marking

There are some proven competitive advantages that can be had from price marking items using a pricing gun and pricing labels.

garvey price gun

If you use a sale price, regular price our price, special, or sale, two line pricing label the customer is reminded how much they saved every time they see their product while in your store as they continue to shop. The visual reminder continues even once the customer leaves the store for as long as the label remains on the product. The longer a customer can equate savings with your store, the better the chances for more continued repeat business. Some popular two line guns that offer these types of labels are the Monarch 1136 price guns, the Monarch 1115 price guns, Garvey price gun model 22 8/8, and the Towa price gun Samurai. The stock Monarch 1115 price labels offer all the options listed in the top line of this paragraph. Monarch and Garvey stock a wide variety of pricing labels.

Using custom printed labeling is another advantage that helps to serve as a visual reminder as well. Please click here to read more about custom price marking.

Store owners who price mark can score points with customers who want to see the prices of all their items during their entire shop. Typically, older people appreciate this a bit more than younger because they grew up with it more. Those customers with bad eyesight are able to see the prices better if they can bring the items closer to them. A few popular, simple to use choices for easy price marking are the Garvey guns 18-6 and 22-6, the Monarch 1110 gun, Monarch 1131 price gun, and the Meto label gun models 6.22 and 8.26.

Promotional price labeling has helpful elements that catch the customer’s eye. These types of pricing labels are typically larger, have wavy or serrated label designs, and have attention getting preprinted wording such as SAVE! or SPECIAL. The promotional pricing guns print large, bold numbers. The Monarch 1138, 1151, 1152, and the Meto label gun model 18.32 are popular choices.