Monarch 1115 Price Gun


The Vertical Two-Line

The Monarch 1115 price gun dispenses labels vertically. The Avery Dennison 1115 is a popular and lightweight option that is good for almost all two-line labeling applications. Customers that use this Monarch price gun model love the vertical label dispensing which can allow for a horizontal label application. It allows users to turn the tool sideways and apply the label. This technique is quite useful in applying the labels if you have small boxes stacked that need price marked. The Monarch 1115 remains a popular two line pricing gun thanks in part to the label guide that helps to keep the labels aligned while feeding through the gun. 

Many Print Options

You can see the band layouts offered.  We tend to find that the 06 is the most popular print set up for the Monarch 1115; however, it is very important you make the best decision for you specific application.  By scrolling down, you will come across some columns of numbers and see example labels beneath.  Here is a quick description of the layouts:

  • 06 - Allows for a seven over seven print.  Offers an identification band in the final position on the bottom.  The cent characters are smaller with underlines which allows for pricing over $100 with cents.  This seems to be a "legacy layout", or the print style offered years ago and so many facilities just simply have the 06.  In order the labels to keep a consistent look, the 06 is re-ordered.
  • 73 - Also allows for seven over seven.  This will offer slightly larger print character numbers.  No identification band is offered.  A popular choice to allow for a easy to read print.
  • 01 - A vertical date and identification band offered in the top line.  Only five characters of print on the bottom line; maximum of $9.99 price print.
  • 02 - Seven characters for the top line.  The fourth position on the bottom has a decimal included with each number option.
  • 04 - The most number of positions (tied with 72 band layout); eight over eight.  This Avery 1115 gives a smaller numeric display due to the fact that more characters are being printed.
  • 05 - This is the most unique option.  The fourth through eighth position on the top line are used as a cost code.  The Monarch 1115-05 is the only stock label gun available today that still offers a cost code.  The letters of PATHFINDER will print with P = 1, A = 2 and so on.  Many retailers still operate using a cost code system in some form or another.  Other phrases are available as custom as well.
  • 72 - Very similar to the 04.  Both the top and bottom lines give underline dashes to cent character positions.

1115 Factory Rebuilt Guns

If you have a Monarch 1115 pricing gun that’s not working properly, don’t just throw it away!  At B&B Supply we offer our customers the opportunity to trade in your broken labelers towards the purchase of a rebuilt Monarch Paxar 1115 tool.  We have a repair/exchange program in which we send out rebuilt guns when we receive your broken tools.   Typically, on the same day we get your broken tools we are able to check them over and send you newly rebuilt guns that work great.  This option is less expensive than purchasing all new Monarch 1115 price guns to replace the broken ones. 

More Information On This Tool:

Marks up to 2 lines to show sale price vs. list price, SKU code, shelf date, etc.

  • Is dependable and reliable.
  • Can print up to 12 to 16 positions depending on the model.
  • Uses a .733" x .6" label.


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Monarch 1115 Price Gun

How to Load the Monarch 1115 Price Gun

You want to first tear off the first fourteen labels from the roll of Monarch labels. The glue used to bond the last label to the roll should not go through the gun in order to avoid any jamming of the label gun in the future. With the labels coming off the top of the roll, snap the roll into place between the hubs on the back of the gun. As the roll is going into place, feed the strip through the top of the plastic label guide. Then, squeeze and hold the hand trigger half way. This will allow you to feed the label strip down the guide and through the gun.

Go until about twelve labels are coming out the front of the Monarch price gun. Let go of the trigger to engage the brake wheel. Hold the front of the gun toward you and take hold of the labels. Feed them behind the black, plastic plate and stop when two labels are coming out the top right by the roller wheels. Again, squeeze the hand trigger half way and rewind the label roll as to get rid of the loop of labels in the front. Rewind until the loop is gone and the labels are tight and let go of the hand trigger. Next, grab the two Monarch 1115 labels and pull down hard and fast toward the base of the hand trigger. This action will help peel off the labels from the backing paper.

There should now be about eight inches of backing paper coming out the front of the Monarch price gun. Turn the gun upside down and feed the backing paper into the avenue that will pull the paper through the gun right on top of the hand trigger. Once you feel resistance, start clicking the hand trigger and the backing paper should catch on the feedwheel. Turn the gun right side up and continue clicking until printed Monarch 1115 labels come out the top of the gun.

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This 1115 label gun has a one-year warranty fully backed by Avery Dennison Monarch and B&B Supply. Any mechanical defect or operational issue that occurs through what is considered normal usage will be fixed, or the unit will be replaced with a factory rebuilt tool. A Monarch 1115 with a manufacturer‰'s defect discovered right after delivery will be replaced with a brand new label gun upon inspection by B&B Supply. A label gun deemed abused will void the warranty coverage as well as the ability to repair. Please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 to discuss any warranty questions in further detail.

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