Sato Kendo 26 One Box Package


Quality and Value

It doesn't get better than this.  This package of a Sato Kendo 26 label gun and a box of labels is exactly what so many people have been waiting for; a bolder print gun at a great price.  The gun will print six numeric characters in a clear, bold print.  It is light weight and comfortable to use.  One of the most important factors is that is it fairly easy to load the roll of labels into the tool.  Therefore, if you need to show others how to reload the gun they will learn quickly.  The feed system in the tool insures proper advancement of the printed labels and easy application onto your products.  This package is one of our top recommendations for a wide variety of applications, especially retail pricing.

This package includes:

One label gun

One box of labels, 14 rolls of labels

Each box has a total of 18.000 labels

Each box of labels includes an ink roller


26-6.jpg      26-8.jpg