Sato Kendo 22 One Box Package


Value and Function

We are very excited to offer this package. 

The Sato Kendo 22 label gun is a very reliable tool, especially for the price of this package.  When you're looking for an inexpensive labeler, it is important to look for something that will provide a consistent print.  This gun will provide a very dark, consistent print on the label.  In addition, the label loading process is simple to learn.  Finally, this gun offers the cleanest ink roller change in the industry.  The labels are an eye catching wavy edge design.

You will receive:

One label gun which prints a total of six numeric characters.

One box of 14 rolls of labels, a total of 21,000 individual labels.

Labels measure 22mm x 12mm or .87" x .47"

You can select the color labels you would like to order.

The box of labels includes an ink roller replacement.


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