Received On Labels


Please do keep in mind; this is just one of a wide variety of options for received on date labels.  We encourage customers to call us to discuss your specific application over the phone to always ensure you get the ideal set up for your unique situation and necessary information.

Quantity of 1 = 1 sleeve; 8 rolls, 20,000 individual Monarch 1131 labels with general purpose adhesive + an ink roller.

Ideal for organizations of all sizes.

The labels that are offered are designed to be used in a hand-held labeling gun.  The gun will print a date and dispense the sticker so the user can apply the label directly onto the product.  Applying the received on labels becomes extremely quick and accurate.  The user sets a date to print below the received on phrase.  As the user clicks the hand trigger, the date is printed and when the trigger is released, the sticker dispenses.

Received date labels help companies of all sizes and industries keep accurate records for their inventory.  A key part of the LIFO or FIFO inventory management accounting systems, the received on labels will help keep everything operating smoothly.  The tools are very portable allowing employees to quickly mark goods in any area of the operation at any time. 



The received labels are sold as sleeves.

Each sleeve has 8 rolls of labels that go into the gun.

Each roll has 2,500 stickers.

Each sleeve has a total of 20,000 individual labels.

Each sleeve contains one replacement ink roller.

The exact size is .78" x .44" or 19mm x 11mm.


Adhesive Options

Because there are so many different applications for a product such as this, many different options for the construction and adhesive properties are offered.  The labels come standard with a general-purpose adh.  This will work well for a huge variety of uses.  Other options include a more aggressive permanent, less aggressive removable, FDA approved for edible surfaces, deep freezer, and more.  Construction refers to the way the paper itself is produced.  Options include tamper cut, non-tamper cut, ultra tamper cut, dissolvable, synthetic (water resistant), and more.