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Monarch Package Date or Price

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Date or Price

Distributors that will only need to focus on marking a price print on the product will like this option.  The date of mm/dd will print bold on a small label.  Should you have some accounts that require a price, simply change the print positions and easily mark and apply a price label.  The Monarch brand is produced in the USA.


This label gun has a one year warranty.  Should something happen, you will be able to send the label gun back to us and we will quickly trade it out for a factory re-built labeler.  The only charge is the return shipping.  If an issue arises after the warranty coverage, you are still able to ship the label gun back to us at B&B Supply and we send back a like new factory re-built unit for $25 + return shipping.


Package includes:

One label gun + one ink roller

One package of white labels

Labels are sold as ten rolls

Each roll has 2,500 labels

Each package has 25,000 individual labels

Each package of labels includes a replacement ink roller

You will receive a total of two ink rollers