Monarch Package Combo Date & Price


Date & Price

For distributors with lots of accounts that require both a date and price print, this Monarch label gun package will allow for the print functionality of both pieces of variable information to print on one label.  This will help save labels and repetition of labeling vs. having a labeler that will only print the date or price on one label.  The Monarch brand is produced in the USA.


This label gun has a one year warranty.  Should something happen, you will be able to send the label gun back to us and we will quickly trade it out for a factory re-built labeler.  The only charge is the return shipping.  If an issue arises after the warranty coverage, you are still able to ship the label gun back to us at B&B Supply and we send back a like new factory re-built unit for $25 + return shipping.


Package includes:

One label gun + one ink roller

One package of white labels

Labels are sold as eight rolls

Each roll has 2,500 labels

Each package has 20,000 individual labels

Each package of labels includes a replacement ink roller

You will receive a total of two ink rollers