Monarch 1152 Price Gun


Large Label, Two-Line Gun

Just like the Monarch 1151, the Monarch 1152 promotional price gun prints bold characters on a large price label. The big, bright label catches customer's attention and leads to increased impulse buys. You are easily able to highlight sale pricing of an item. The Monarch 1152 pricing gun is a two-line tool most commonly only used for pricing. This Monarch price gun's reliability and build quality is top notch. Ink rollers are easy to switch out. Thanks to the open view, loading the rolls of Monarch 1152 labels is done quickly and easily. This gun prints the largest characters out of any of the Monarch price gun models. Some Monarch 1152 labels are serrated at the edges and include promotional messages already printed on. Perfect for users that have large, impulse or promotional items.

The Avery Dennison 1152 is a popular and lightweight option in the warehouse industry due in part to its' durability, larger label and larger print characters.

Swap Out Program for Monarch 1152 Labelers:

At B&B Supply we offer a repair/exchange program for the Monarch 1152 label guns.  It is never recommend that customers try to take apart the guns and fix it themselves. We have seen time and time again that the guns come apart and then can’t get put back together. We can’t fix guns that arrive to us in pieces.  We send out rebuilt guns the next day we receive your broken tools. This is a great option for stores both small and large that might have one or even multiple broken Monarch 1152 label guns. It is much less expensive than buying a new one.  We warranty the rebuilt Monarch 1152 tools for 90 days.  They are guaranteed to work properly or we will refund all costs. 

More Information On This Pricing Gun: 

  • Promotional labeler prints JUMBO labels for larger products
  • Quickly grab customers attention
  • Opening the price marker gives an "open view" which allows for very easy label loading
  • Clean and easy ink roller changes
  • Prints up to 19 positions
  • Uses 1.22" x 1" label

Have Further Questions?

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This 1152 label gun has a one-year warranty fully backed by Avery Dennison Monarch and B&B Supply. Any mechanical defect or operational issue that occurs through what is considered normal usage will be fixed, or the unit will be replaced with a factory rebuilt tool. A Monarch 1152 with a manufacturer‰'s defect discovered right after delivery will be replaced with a brand new label gun upon inspection by B&B Supply. A label gun deemed abused will void the warranty coverage as well as the ability to repair. Please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 to discuss any warranty questions in further detail.

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