Monarch 1130 Price Gun


Free Gun - with a full case order of labels (8 sleeves).

Excellent Choice

For a user looking for a super reliable hand held labeler; the Monarch 1130 is a great place to start.  The Avery Dennison 1130 is a popular and lightweight option that is good for almost all labeling applications. The build quality is top notch and the easy label loading and design benefits help to make everyday use simple.  This tool will hold the most labels on a roll in the entire industry; 2,500 individual stickers.  That design will save time as it will not need to be loaded as often.  When it does come time to insert a new roll, that processes is a breeze.  We discuss this a bit more below as well as show a video.

This label gun has always been produced in the USA.  Although it uses the smallest label available in our industry (tie with one other model), the most popular print option does not give a small print display on the price sticker; small, but just as easy to read as any other labeler.  

Easy Loading

Loading Monarch 1130 labels into the Monarch 1130 price gun is a very easy process. The entire top portion of the price gun opens; the user then loads the roll of Monarch labels, pulls a strip out the front, closes the price gun shut, and feeds the labels through the front.  

Different Print Options

As you research this tool, keep in mind that the same gun can be ordered in a few different print styles.  Here is a brief description of the options that can be selected as stock.  Custom set up is always an option should your application require a specific print.

  • 03 - The most popular option.  Will allow for a bold, six character print; $99.99 as a maximum price print with cent characters.
  • 02 - Again, six print positions; however, the cent positions are smaller with underlines.  This helps to save from using a decimal and prices over $100 with cent characters are possible.
  • 09 - Almost identical to the 02, the cent positions are just half sized and raised.

Full Repair

Any new labeler has a one-year warranty associated with it (see Warranty Information).  At B&B Supply we offer repairs on all (warranty, or out of warranty) Monarch 1130 price guns.  We don’t recommend that customers try to take apart the guns and fix it themselves.  We have seen time and time again that the guns come apart and then can’t get put back together. We can’t fix guns that arrive to us in pieces.  We have a repair/exchange program in which we send out rebuilt guns the next day we receive your broken tools.  

If you currently own a Monarch 1130 labeler and it is malfunctioning or you have a couple of broken guns that you would like to use as back up tools, you should take advantage of our repair exchange program.  Just pack up the broken tools and send them into us.  We will then turn around and send you rebuilt Monarch 1130 pricing guns.  We test all our repaired guns to make sure they work properly.  The Monarch 1130 is a great tool for pricing, dating, or coding items in stores.  Just give us a call at 800-346-7820 to speak with us regarding instructions for sending in guns and the pricing for rebuilt labelers.

More Information For This Tool

  • Opening the price marker gives an "open view" which allows for very easy label loading
  • Clean and easy ink roller changes
  • Prints up to 6 positions
  • Uses .624" x .44" label


Give us a call! 1-800-346-7820.


This 1130 label gun has a one-year warranty fully backed by Avery Dennison Monarch and B&B Supply. Any mechanical defect or operational issue that occurs through what is considered normal usage will be fixed, or the unit will be replaced with a factory rebuilt tool. A Monarch 1130 with a manufacturer‰'s defect discovered right after delivery will be replaced with a brand new label gun upon inspection by B&B Supply. A label gun deemed abused will void the warranty coverage as well as the ability to repair. Please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 to discuss any warranty questions in further detail.

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