Labeling Advantages with a Monarch Gun

Label guns from Monarch Paxar help offer so much convenience to retail shops.  Some places handwrite prices on tags.  Hand writing is time consuming if you need to price a dozen or more items.  It’s shown that the Monarch 1110 pricing gun can tag 18 items in just five seconds!  If it’s necessary to have more information on a label or tag such as a product number in addition to the price, two line tools such as the Monarch 1136 and 1115 are available.

The time and effort savings are maximized even more when dealing with the two and three line guns.  Trying to hand write that amount of information on a single label often results in unreadable print which negates all the effort.  Additional time and effort savings is achieved when customer confusion and bookkeeping errors are minimized.  The printing of the labeler makes for legible characters.  The Monarch 1153 is a terrific example.  Labeling with a Monarch gun helps your products look more presentable and appealing to the customer.

Operating the tools is pretty simple.  Loading the guns will only take about 25 seconds once you get the hang of it.  Loading the Monarch labels once or twice will be all it takes to get the process down pat.  Instructions are included with every new gun.