Label Guns Can End Your Labeling Frustrations

Do you ever find yourself frustrated when having to use two labels to mark information on your boxes?  Say, for instance, you have to identify a received date and an inventory number, but the printer you use can’t put everything on one label, therefore, two labels (and double the work and material) are needed.  We can supply you with a labeling gun that can fit all your necessary info on one label.  One top of that, the guns make applying the label to your items a breeze.  No more hand application is needed.

Two label guns that might be right for you are the Monarch 1152 and the Monarch 1153.

When you call B&B Supply, we’ll ask you a few simple questions and show you our top recommendations for your specific job.  There are many options, and we work with our customers everyday to show them the best way to display their codes.  Although these handheld labelers are mature technology, they can still save users lots of time and are often the most efficient way to identify your inventory.

Contact us today to find out which of our label guns are right for you.