How to Load a Monarch 1136 Price Gun

monarch-1136.jpgThe Monarch 1136 price gun only needs a few steps in order to properly load the Monarch labels. All of the Monarch price guns in the whole 1130 series use these same basic steps to load the price labels and start printing. The Monarch 1136 price gun is sold with different options that allow users to print a large variety of information including pricing, date and time coding, and product identification numbers and letters. Trust B&B Supply to get you the pricing gun with the exact options you need for your application.

Start by pulling back the two black latches near the top of the gun and open the cover until its locked open when you hear the click. Rip off the first ten inches of labels (about 15 to 20 labels). This will remove the glue from running through the gun and causing any jams. Place the roll of Monarch 1136 labels in between the roll holder tabs which are gray in color. You want the labels to unwind off the top of the roll (so you can see the labels). Pull the pricing labels and drape them over the thin, metal peel bar on the front of the Monarch price gun. With about six inches of Monarch price labels centered and hanging over the metal bar, close the cover until you hear the click shut. Next, you will have to peel off all the labels from the backing paper as to avoid the labels running through the feedwheel in the bottom of the gun. Once you have only backing paper hanging out of the gun, hold it as if you were going to price mark your forehead. Then feed the backing paper into the slot above the handle. The slot has two arrows pointing inward. Once you feel some resistance, start pulling the hand trigger and the feedwheel should start to catch and pull the paper in. Continue pulling the trigger about eight times until you have printed labels coming out the top of the Monarch 1136 gun.