Garvey 22-6 Labels (2212)

Bulk Pricing:
Buy in bulk and save

Free Label Gun - with a full case order (20 sleeves).

An order of 10-19 sleeves = $15.25/ea
An order of 20 sleeves = $14.75/ea
*Includes a Garvey 22-6 labeling tool at no additional charge.  If you don't need the gun, give us a call and we'll reduce the pricing of the labels even further.  We will add the labeler(s) after checkout.

Quantity of 1 = 1 sleeve; 9 rolls, 11,000 individual Garvey 22-6 labels with general purpose adhesive + an ink roller.  These are Genuine OEM quality labels.  They are the best quality paper, adhesive, and have the most accurately cut drive slits.  Drive cuts are what allow the label to properly align.  A variety of other adhesive options are available.  Also, don't forget about the awesome advertising or operational value of Custom Labels


When a pricing situation does not have a need to mark items over $100, the Garvey 22-6 labels are an excellent choice.  The gun will print a nice, clear print of a maximum of six characters.  A wide variety of colors are always kept in stock.

  • For use in Garvey 22-6
  • These are genuine Garvey labels. They have the Garvey name printed on the inside of the core.
  • Label measures 22mm x 12mm or .87" x .47"
  • 1,223 labels per roll
  • 9 rolls per sleeve
  • Sold per sleeve; 11,000 labels with free ink roller
  • 20 sleeves per master case

Label Storage Tips:

Proper storage is very important to ensure your inventory investment will continue to have a long shelf life and be fully operational.  It is recommended to keep your labels in a cool, dry area.  A phrase we often say is “So long as they are at room temperature or below, everything should be fine.”  Some more detailed specifics would be to keep the inventory at 72 degrees Fahrenheit to around 45 degrees Fahrenheit on the low end.  The humidity level should be 30% or below.

It would a poor choice to leave the Garvey 2212 pack near a heat source as the adhesive can start to run.  When that happens, glue will ooze outward on to the edges of the roll.  When it cools and dries, the strip will not unroll or release properly for reliable advancement in the labeler, effectively ruining the rolls.

Common storage places such as on a shelf, in a drawer, or on a table top are excellent choices.  Many times Garvey 2212 labels (especially full cases) are left in the outer case box and placed on the floor.  This is also fine as most times the floor is cool.  However, do be aware of any excess moisture.  Should the standard paper material labels get wet, they will be effectively useless.  The paper will absorb the moisture and deteriorate.

These 2212 labels are fully backed by Garvey Products and B&B Supply. They are guaranteed to advance and perform properly; free from any manufacturer defect. Should labels be found defective after inspection by B&B Supply, we will replace with new product. Garvey 22-6 labels deemed abused will not be covered or replaced; see our recommended storage tips. The adhesive is guaranteed to adhere well; within the scope of recommended applications. Some applications and surfaces can require different label material or construction to perform best. Please give us a call at 1-800-346-7820 to discuss any performance questions in further detail.