One Line Guns

When purchasing a one line gun that will mark a date code, it’s important to understand how many characters you need to have to print the date the way you need to.  Some of these tools will print eight characters and others will do six.  The most popular way to display the date is MM/DD/YY.  Although it is only six numbers, the slashes count as characters spots too.  Therefore an eight character tool is necessary.  If just month and year is all you need, then only having five or six characters will work fine.  The Julian date is just three numbers at most.

It’s also possible to have the month’s three letter abbreviation printed vertically in one character spot.  This can be convenient if your product is sold to both English and European back round customers.  In Europe, it’s common to understand a date to be DD/MM/YY vs. the traditional US way of MM/DD/YY.