YouTube Videos Featuring the Monarch 1136

Now that you have purchased the Monarch 1136 pricing gun, or are at least interested in purchasing one, did you know that there are a number of YouTube videos that feature this tool and all it has to offer? These videos are the perfect way to see the pricing gun in action, get visual step by step loading instructions, and get customer feedback about this product.

It is normal for people to have reservations before buying a new product; especially if it is a more expensive tool (a pricing gun is not the cheapest tool in the drawer). With the internet and the use of new technology people have more of an opportunity than ever to fully research a product before making a purchase. That is why these YouTube videos featuring the Monarch 1136 can be so useful. For instance, there are videos that show how to easily load labels into the pricing gun. Sometimes verbal or written instructions can be confusing if they are not fully detailed, so a video is a convenient alternative to explain the same instructions in a more effective way. There are also videos that show other issues like how to replace the ink roller or unblock the infrequent label jam in a Monarch 1136.

Not only are some of these videos a good source of information, but they also help our potential customers feel more comfortable before making a purchase with us. At B&B Supply we sell only the highest quality pricing guns and labels, and these videos can make you feel confident that your purchase with us is a sound investment in your business.