Why You Need a Price Gun

Long gone are the days of handwriting prices on items. Price guns have become a staple in the retail industry as a more convenient way to label products with price tags and various other information. Aside from ease of use, there are a number of other benefits that price guns have to offer. Below are some of the reasons your business needs a price gun:

  • Price guns are accurate. Using a price gun ensures that the right price is being attached to the right product. Because they are digitally controlled, price guns can label items with prices, expiration dates, or even store slogans with the push of a button. Accuracy can be checked before the sticker or tag even leaves the price gun to insure the product is marked appropriately with the correct information.
  • Price guns can be used on a variety of surfaces. There are no limits when it comes to marking items with a price gun. Virtually any surface can be marked with a price gun, including glass products and frozen foods.
  • Price guns offer a great return-on-investment. The efficiency and speed of price guns allow businesses to label their items quickly, giving employees more time to focus on their customers, their needs, and the overall needs of the business.
  • Price guns print easy-to-read information. A variety of price guns have the ability to print more than one line of information on stickers. This allows strategies like “was/now” pricing to be implemented, allowing the consumer to physically see their savings and encouraging them to purchase more.
  • Price guns can help customer relationships thrive. Stores can label their items with their name, logo, or phone number with multi-line printing price guns. By doing so, customers will remember where they purchased a product from, helping to build customer loyalty. Subtle reminders of where a customer purchased an item from can subconsciously affect the way they think and cause them to recall a certain store the next time they go shopping.

With all of these benefits packed into a tiny machine, you cannot go wrong with the use of a price gun. The resourceful team at The Price Gun store can help you choose a make and model that is right for your business.