Using Label Guns in Restaurant Food Prep Areas

Identifying the prep and pull dates and times on food has always been a challenge.  Restaurant and catering owners must train employees to properly mark containers with the necessary date and time in order to meet health and safety standards.  Without a labeling system of some kind, hand writing each label is the only option.  Hand writing the date and time on food containers is time consuming, not uniform, and sometimes all together illegible.  As health inspectors become increasingly concerned about food prep standards and identification, the pressure to have a food labeling system in place is more important than ever.

Using a label gun is one of the most economical ways for restaurants to tackle the challenge of dating food.  These hand held guns are very portable, quick to work with, and provide a very clear print on the label.  Your employees are able to change the date with a simple turn of a dial knob.  A container can be marked every second, saving you significant time.

Using a Monarch 1131 label gun will allow the printing of just a single date an time stamp.  With a Monarch 1136-04, you can print two different date and time codes on one label.  This is useful when both a pack and pull date is necessary.

If you are a restaurant manager looking for an efficient way to label food containers, call B&B Supply today and we’ll not only help get your prep area operating more efficiently, but get the inspector off your back as well.