Types of Labels

Just as there are a variety of price guns, there are a number of label options to choose from. The product, as well as the information about the product, can help to determine the type of label that should be used. Below are several types of labels that are commonly used in food and retail stores.

Dissolvable – These labels are most commonly used on edible products. They are made so they do not leave a sticky residue behind when removed from the product, but have no trouble adhering to a number of surfaces. Dissolvable labels are designed to dissolve in any water temperature and meet the strict FDA food safety guidelines.

Removable – These labels come in a number of shapes, sizes, and colors. While not permanent, these adhesive labels will remain on a product until removed. Removable labels are extremely common and found on a variety of products, including furniture and clothing.

Freezer – These labels come in a number of shapes and sizes, and denote a product needs to be kept refrigerated. Freezer labels have an adhesive backing and are typically affixed to a food item’s packaging.

Time Stamp – These are labels with a specific time imprinted on them. They are affixed to products via their adhesive backing to make the consumer aware of various things like expiration and shipping dates.

Dated – As their name suggests, these labels adhere to a product to inform a consumer of a particular date, usually an expiration or best-by date. They are made with an adhesive backing and stick to a variety of surfaces.

Tags – Made of plastic, these labels denote the price of a product, as well as a bar code. They can also list other information like a company’s logo or slogan. A plastic barb is used to affix these types of labels, typically to clothing products.