Tips for Using A Price Tagging Gun

Price tagging guns have needles on them that pierce items like clothing in order to tag them with barbs. Contrary to sticker price guns, tagging guns physically pierce an item in order to label it with a price. Here are a few tips and tricks for using a price tagging gun.

  1. Make sure you place the tag in an inconspicuous spot that will be unnoticeable to the buyer, like on a seam or the tag inside the article of clothing. This type of price gun puts a small hole in the fabric, but will be unnoticeable if used properly.
  2. Protect yourself from getting poked by the needle on the end of the gun by wearing protective gloves when tagging item, and use caution when sticking the needle into garments.
  3. A fine fabric needle, which is half the size of a regular needle, should be used on delicate fabrics to minimize the damage to the garment. Regular needles should be used on thicker fabrics like denim and corduroy.
  4. If you’re adding an additional price tag to an already existing one, it may be easier to staple the new price tag to the old one, rather than add another hole to the garment.
  5. To ensure the tag remains secure, place the barb, or plastic part that adheres the price tag to the garment, towards the center of the price tag, but not in the barcode area. This will cause less of a chance of the tag tearing.
  6. Use shorter (one inch) barbs instead of longer (two to four inch) barbs. The tags will stay closer to the garment, and have less of a chance of falling off.
  7. If you are concerned about a tag falling off, use two barbs instead of one. This will decrease the chances the price tag will fall off.
  8. Taping around the price tag where the barb pierces it will also help reinforce the tag and ensure that it does not fall off. Use scotch or packing tape to reinforce the card stock with the price on it.

These tips will ensure proper price tagging techniques. Follow these tips to protect yourself, as well as the garments being tagged, and ensure the price tag remains secure on the item.