The Monarch 1110 Pricing Gun Has Been an Industry Leader, For More Than 30 Years

The Monarch 1110 pricing gun continues to set the standard, for the pricing gun industry.  Whenever a product has the power to maintain market leader status for decades, you can count on the highest quality. The Monarch brand has become synonymous with quality manufactured price guns. High quality plastics and durable parts help keep the Monarch 1110 pricing gun amongst the top pricing guns in the industry.

Service industries love the fact that the Monarch 1110 pricing gun is easy to load, lightweight, and one of the most efficient pricing guns in the business. We have a large selection of Monarch labels that are the perfect complement to the Monarch 1110 pricing gun. The Monarch 1110 pricing gun has vertical label dispensing which allows for horizontal stickers to be applied to all items. This type of dispensing prowess has made it an industry leader for 30 years, and it’s sure to continue its success in the years to come.

After you purchase the Monarch 1110 pricing gun, B&B Supply provides a safety net. If anything should happen to your Monarch 1110 pricing gun, we offer repair services. If your store needs rebuilt Monarch 1110 pricing guns fast, we can help. B&B Supply offers a repair/exchange program that sends out rebuilt guns the same day you send us your broken Monarch 1110 pricing gun.

If your business is looking for a quality industry leading pricing gun, look into the Monarch 1110 pricing gun.  It prints clear text, and works extremely fast. For instance, an 18 item box can be labeled in less than 5 seconds, making your entire business more productive.