The Garvey Price Gun Slug

The slug option is perfect for people looking to print a custom message on every label, but who don’t use enough labels to justify paying the higher cost of custom labels.  The slug fits right into a designed slot in the Contact price gun or G-Series.  It follows the path of the print head as you pull the hand trigger.  The slug gets inked by the Garvey ink roller along with the numbers on the print head and marks the label.  The Garvey 22-8 offers this feature.

This attribute gives the Garvey Contact and G-Series a real advantage over other manufacturers when dealing with a lower volume customer that needs a specific message in addition to a price or date.  When designing the various Garvey label guns, they made sure to engineer the slug to function very well.  If you’re looking to have a custom label but you don’t use tens of thousands of labels this might be the option for you.  Give us a call and we’ll discuss your application.