Student Book Stores Use Pricing Labels

As the back to school month of August starts, many university book stores are stocking up on their supplies.  Book stores use all different types of labels.  Monarch labels, Garvey labels, and Meto labels seem to be the most popular.  The Meto pricing labels have the wavy edge design that can help grab a student’s attention.  Helping the students see the prices of the books on their way to the register will help the checkout line move more effectively as the buyers will have time to prepare the correct amount of money for the purchases.  A Meto price gun is available in different print sizes.

A Garvey price gun is a great choice as well.  Garvey Contact or G-Series tools are very nice options.  Monarch pricing guns such as the one line Monarch 1131 and Monarch 1110 are the most frequently purchased tools from book stores.  If two lines of printing are needed, the Monarch 1136 is the tool.  Different adhesive options are available for the labels of all the different models of price guns, such as a removable or “book” adhesive.  This adhesive is formulated to not leave a residue on the book when the label is removed.  We can always be reached at 800-346-7820 to discuss your exact application and recommend the best label guns for you.