Strategic Price Tag Use: Doubling Your Communication

The primary purpose of any label is to communicate information. The most common listing is for price. Additionally, labels can relay brand names, expiration dates, sell by dates, manufacturing dates, or product codes. More than this logistical data, however, the shape, size, and color of price tags can express discounts, deals, or specials. When you use these features in conjunction with the actual information displayed on the label, you are automatically adding more to the message.


The standard shape of labels is rectangular or square. For labels with a bit more dash than the practical straight-edge varieties, store owners may want to take a look at the Meto and Towa label applicator brands. Meto labels have a distinct wave on the vertical sides of the rectangle. The effect is significantly more dramatic than many other labels, thus that much more eye-catching. Towa offers a bit of a compromise between the standard shapes and the winged Meto. Towa labels have holes punched out at the top and bottom of the tag, created as a result of the gun’s alignment system. Regardless, the result is a classic looking tag that is neither standard nor extreme.


If the product you’re selling is a food or beverage, you may have more information to convey than, say, for a garment. In that case, a larger or multi-lined tag would be appropriate for listing data, such as the sell by date. Aside from the space needed for including essential information, the size of the label can help draw attention to the price. If you are tagging a new price, a larger tag covering the older price completely will make the decrease clear to customers.


Color is the most obvious indicator of a special sale event. A fluorescent color will be immediately apparent where a white tag may go unnoticed without a deliberate search for it. If there is a special event, particularly for a clearance sale, maximizing your use of color with a bright neon green or a bold orange could help you reduce your inventory faster.

If you have an event in which prices are marked down at different rates (maybe some items at a 15% discount and others at 25%), using tags or stickers of different colors are ideal for marking which items are being discounted at which rate. That way your clients can take in this information at a glance, thereby eliminating confusion.