Smaller Retail Packaging Needs Smaller Price Labels

Cost is a driving factor for the reduction of product packaging.  The less material used, the less cost for the manufacturer, the less space used to ship as well as display the product in stores, all of which leads to lower cost.  As product packaging becomes smaller, smaller price labels are needed as to not cover up too much of the product itself.

Garvey price gun such as a Garvey Contact uses labels 18mm and 22mm depending on the exact model.  The ever popular Monarch 1110 uses a label only 19mm x 10mm.  When using smaller labels, it’s important that the customer is able to quickly see and read the pricing.  The Monarch 1110 pricing gun we sell at the has 6 bold characters.  This is the largest print available on the gun which makes it very easy for senior citizens to see and for all customers to quickly read the price.

You will want to think of what color stickers will pop out best on most of your products.  Fluorescent colored labels are a great way to have the label stick out and grab the customer’s attention.  If a lot of packaging is white, a fluorescent red or green label could be a good choice.

Loading the Monarch labels into the Monarch 1131 gun is a huge reason this tool is as popular as it is.  The various user friendly features of this gun make it a great option.  It prints on a smaller label with up to 8 characters.

For very tiny packaging, the Meto 1600 label used in the Meto 5.16 gun is the smallest label sold.  Its wavy design helps it to stand out.  Any Meto price gun has labels that have a wavy cut to them.

The price marking industry will continue to evolve and change as the industries we do business with develop.  Newer adhesive options and improvements have been necessary over the years as the substrates and conditions of products changed.  Given all the different size labels, label guns and print options it is very important that buyers do proper research to find the best combination for their exact application.