Shelf Life and Preservation of Pricing Labels

The good news is that the shelf life for these little stickers is rather extensive.  Monarch labels come with a recommended life of two years.  This time frame is pretty standard across the industry.  Garvey labels come with the same recommendation.

Over the past decade improvements have been made to the adhesive formulas that allow them to perform better and retain their tacky properties longer.  We have seen and talked to customers who have used pricing stickers from five, six, even seven years old and they work well.  The Monarch 1131 labels in this example had been ordered seven years prior and found in a drawer.  The customer found that the stickers still went through the 1131 price gun smoothly and the Monarch labels applied and adhered well to the items’ surface.

Storage of your pricing supplies inventory is key to ensuring the stickers keep.  You must store in an area of at least room temperature.  Meto labels come with a storage recommendation of 68 to 78 degrees printed right on the box.  Primark labels are packed in identical boxes.  An area where temperatures are consistently above 90 degrees Fahrenheit is not good for the adhesive.  Keeping the price labels cooler is ideal.  If you have a refrigerator with available space, put the box of tags in there if you know they will need to last a while.