Primark P-14 Pricing Gun Loading Instructions

primark pricing gun

Loading the Primark pricing gun takes just a few steps that will take very little time to master. You first want to start by tearing off about 12 labels from the roll. This will insure that any adhesive on the outside of the roll will not jam up the tool in anyway. Open the back of the gun and place the roll of Primark price labels so that the core sits on the hub and the price labels feed off the bottom of the roll. Remember to always hold the gun at a slight angle when the back is open as to not have the label roll fall out. Next, open the front base plate by pressing on the two black knobs. Feed the Primark P-14 labels through the gun until labels start coming out the front of the tool. Next, close the roll holder on the back of the gun. Pull the labels over the open base plate until there are about four inches worth hanging over the base plate. Then, close the open base plate by pushing it back up until you feel the click. Next, peel the Primark labels off the backing paper. Now hold the gun with the base plate facing toward you and insert the backing paper into the slot right above the P-14 marking. Insert the paper until you feel resistance and start clicking the hand trigger. The feed wheel should start to grab and tighten the paper. Printed labels should start coming out of the Primark pricing gun. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-346-7820.