Pricing Guns & Pricing Labels

Hello everyone,

This is the first of many blog posts that will be designed to inform you of everything about pricing guns. We launched our website in July 2009 and it has been a great experience. We have met a lot of great people we are proud to call our satisfied customers.

Here is a quick overview of the price labeling manufacturers we represent:

Monarch price guns: Each Monarch price gun continues to lead the industry with their reputation for building solid and reliable tools. Their most popular models include the Monarch 1110, Monarch 1130, Monarch 1131 and Monarch 1151 one line guns, the Monarch 1115 and Monarch 1136 two line and Monarch 1153 three line.

Garvey price guns: Garvey price guns offer customers the latest industry innovations. The newly designed G-Series tools are built with the user in mind. Ergonomically designed for comfort allow the user to price mark items with very little stress. Price guns in demand are the one line Garvey 18-6 and Garvey 22-8 as well as the two line Garvey 22-66 and Garvey 22-88.

Meto label guns: Meto label guns are built with a spring loaded printhead that insures uniform print on every price label. No matter how hard the hand trigger is squeezed, maximum pressure will be applied, producing very readable labels. The 5.16 price gun offers users a small label, whereas the 8.26 uses a larger label.

Sato price guns and Avery Dennison pricing guns: The Sato price gun and Dennison tagging gun operate very well. The one line and two line tools are a great solution to many different labeling needs.

Primark pricing guns: The Primark P-14 has many dedicated users. Primark manufactures tools that have a nice, narrow design that allows people to label items comfortably.

Towa price guns: Towa manufactures a pricing gun that has a metal frame. Needless to say, the tools are very sturdy and reliable. The people that use each Towa pricing gun are very happy with overall performance.

XL Pro price guns: They use high quality plastics and parts in the guns. An XL Pro price gun will work well for customers in a variety of different labeling applications. Someone looking for a good quality tool will not be disappointed with an XL Pro.