Monarch 1153 Label Gun’s Strong Sales

We are seeing the Monarch 1153 steadily increase in sales volume.  The Monarch 1152 is doing well also, thanks in part to their ease of use.  The Monarch labels measure about 1 ¼ inches by 1 inch.  This size allows for very visible print on all three lines with the 1153 and extremely visible characters for two.

Actually priced higher than some other two and three line tools, these guns sell very well because people know they are purchasing quality.  The open-view label loading is not matched by any other manufacturer.  It allows users to easily load, and therefore, quickly start printing labels with very little hassle.

The Monarch 1153 and 1158 are the only guns in the 1150 Series that will print alpha characters.  TheMonarch 1151, 1152, 1155, and 1156 guns only print numeric.  That is important to keep in mind if your application is calling to mark a SKU number that contains both letters and numbers.

Monarch 1151 and 1152 are used more as promotional labelers.  They mark large, bold print that along with the design of the bigger sized label really help to grab customer’s attention.  This helps to lead to more impulse buys by quickly alerting a customer’s attention to the low price.  The Monarch labels are available in various fluorescent colors.  They can be blank, have a stock word and design such as SPECIAL or NEW printed, or can be custom printed to have a phrase unique to your application.