Monarch 1131 Offers State of the Art Features and Great Long Term Value

The 1131 Monarch price gun has become an extremely popular labeler thanks in part to its easy label loading, reliability, and clear print.  The Monarch 1131 labels are designed to tear apart if a person tries to peel the label off to switch it with a lesser priced label.  The size is satisfactory to be clear and legible, and not too large that it would cover important packaging information or the product itself.

As part of the 1130 series, the Monarch Paxar 1131 has a top open view.  The entire top half of the gun opens to allow for easy label loading.  You are able to grab and pull the labels through the gun.  This is a big improvement from the older designed tools which you have to push the labels through the price marker.  1131 labels come with 2,500 stickers per roll which means you don’t have change the roll as often.

The different model numbers offer various printing options.  The most popular is the 01 band layout.  All the numeric characters print large on the label.  The 02 prints a date and price.  The 03 has underlines under the cent characters.  Finally, the 09 band layout has raised very small cent characters.

These guns are drop tested to insure good performance even after a drop or two on hard surfaces.  The print head is durable and well positioned to consistently mark the stickers.  Smooth tension and feed operation process help to minimized jamming.  The hand trigger is designed to allow you to grip it well.  If you already own, or are looking to purchase a Monarch 1131 or any of the Monarch label guns in the 1130 series, you should have the satisfaction of knowing these guns offer top of the line quality at an affordable price.

The 1131 Monarch was also included in the RebatesZone Gift Guide.