Monarch 1131 Labels - Sizes, Order Quantity, Customization Options

Hi, I am Bill from B&B Supply,, and I will be explaining some of the specifications of the Monarch 1131 labels. It is important to understand that these are genuine Monarch Avery Dennison brand labels, produced on Monarch Label Presses. If knock-off labels are used in the guns we have seen operational problems due to low quality paper, adhesive, and packing paper material. 

The Monarch 1131 labels are sold in shrink-wrapped sleeves. Each sleeve has eight rows of labels. Each label roll has 2,500 labels; therefore, each sleeve has a total of 20,000 individual labels. An ink roller is also included with each sleeve. 

Only Monarch 1131 labels will work in the Monarch 1131 price guns. The exact size is .78 inches by .44 inches. At B&B Supply, we have many different colors of labels in stock. In addition to the stock general purpose adhesive, other options are available. The Monarch 1131 labels can be ordered with a removable, freezer, or permanent grade adhesive. An outdoor synthetic label material is also available. 

Custom-printed Monarch 1131 labels with your store name are a great way to advertise and the least expensive way to get your name on every product you sell. The custom message would be printed in the ink color of your choice and can be positioned on the top part of the label, allowing space for the numeric characters below. 

To order these labels or other Monarch brand products online, please visit our website at, or call us toll free at 1-800-346-7820.