How to Load Labels in a Towa Price Gun Samurai GS, 1-Line

Hi, I'm Bill Brown from B&B Supply,, and I'm going to show you how to load the labels for a Towa 1-Line GS Samurai Price Gun.

You first want to start by taking your labels and making a nice crease, this will help feed the labels through the gun as you load it. The crease may be the first five or six labels. You then want to open your label holder door, place the labels on the label holder. Go ahead and close the label holder there, this will keep them from falling off. By lightly lifting up on the plastic piece you'll open the base plate and your pressure plate will be open.

The easiest way to load the labels is to turn the gun upside down and feed the labels through and they'll start coming out the front of the tool. Then you want to take your labels and feed them through the slit first of the pressure plate.

Then you want to feed the labels over the pressure plate and align the precut holes onto the spindle of the feed wheel.

Once you have that go ahead and close your base plate until you hear the click. Begin pulling the hand trigger and we get printed labels. Your waste and backing paper will feed out the center of the tool, the center of the hand trigger and once it extends beyond you can simply tear it off along the tear bar.

The Towa Samurai GS 1-Line labeler is now loaded.