How to Load Labels in a Towa Label Gun Samurai GL, 2-Line

Hi I'm Bill Brown from B and B Supply,, and I'm going to show you how to load the labels in a Towa two line Samurai GL price gun. You first want to start by making a crease in your labels, in the first four or five labels in the roll. This will help feed the labels through the gun. Then want to open your label holder door and place the roll of labels, the labels coming off of the top of the roll, on the label holder. 

I'm first going to show you the inside of the gun. After you have your labels on the holder, you're then going to open the base plate and your pressure plate. As you open the pressure plate, a little black tongue on the inside of the gun will lift up. You're going to feed your labels underneath the black tongue, over top of the feed wheel. Let's go back. Put our labels on the label holder, close the label holder door, open the base plate by lifting up on the black plastic piece, and open our pressure plate.

You're then going to feed the roll of labels through the gun and they will come out the front. If labels get stuck on the feed wheel, just click the hand trigger a couple times and that should help get the labels through the gun. Once you have the labels coming out the front of the gun you're going to feed them up the slit of the pressure plate first. Then you're going to feed them through the pressure plate, bend them over and match up the holes on the labels on the backing paper to the spindles on the feed wheel. 

Go ahead and close your pressure plate, close your base plate until you hear the click, begin pulling the hand trigger, and we get printed labels. The excess backing paper will feed out the center of the hand trigger and you can easily tear it off with the tear bar located on the hand trigger. The Towa Samurai GL two line labeler is now loaded.